Site Commissioning Completed Ahead of Schedule

Project Background

As Christmas fast approaches, many are starting to wind down for the holidays, however here at Kigtek our busy spell shows no sign of slowing down. Our team recently completed a significant infrastructure update to a large manufacturing site which will allow the PCS7 control system to support upcoming projects to replace obsolete equipment. This was the first phase of the project that will install 120 Bray valves and update the control system.

Project Solution

Our engineers were tasked with completing the project in an overnight window of 12 hours, a short timescale in order to avoid interference with production. This meant that prior planning and testing was critical to the success of the project, as well as good communication between Kigtek and our customer to ensure smooth installation and commissioning.

Project Outcomes

Our customer was delighted with the outcome as we were able to install and commission in just 6 hours, half the allotted time. This meant our customers could start production earlier than expected and allowed our team to make other important upgrades in the extra time. We are proud to have received great customer feedback emphasising our ‘Great job and Coordination’ and expressing that they are looking forward to working with Kigtek again on upcoming projects.

A big well done to everyone involved!

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