Calibration Services

Key solutions

Kigtek offer a range of high-quality calibration services including:

  • IN-SITU flow, pressure, level and temperature calibrations
  • Flow meters
  • Sensors & transmitters
  • Tanks and vats
  • 0.5″ to 3″ line sizes
  • Overall rig uncertainty of 0.5″


What needs calibration

  • To maximise process efficiency and financial return
  • For traceability purposes
  • Instruments drift over time
  • To ensure accurate readings for HMRC purpose
  • Ensure process measurement accuracy



  • Portable and accurate calibration rig
  • Allows calibration at process conditions
  • Reduces downtime and loss of revenue
  • Saves on shipping costs




Rig Capabilities

Reference Meter – Siemens FC430 lab calibrated reference meter

Line Sizes: 0.5” – 3” (4” dependent on flow rates)

Pump Capacity: 0 – 5.75 litres per sec / 345 litres per min

Reference Meter: Reference Meter

Reference Flow Meter Capacity: 0 – 19.5 litres per second

Primary Calibration Fluid: Water

Overall Rig Uncertainty: 0.5%

Typical Calibration Stages

  • Assemble and connect Kigtek’s portable calibration rig
  • Install unit to be calibrated and establish communications
  • Analyse current configurations
  • Zero all meters
  • Complete 6-test point calibration at 3 flow rates
  • Adjust instruments as required to bring into specification