Andersen Caledonia Stability Project

Project Background

Understandably, in the pressured economic climate, companies want to get the most from the equipment and software that they buy. This can introduce risks of production outages for sites should failures happen and when this risk gets too high, it’s time for a change.

Kigtek work with a lot of customers to migrate systems onto modern stable platforms, often introducing additional protection through increased cyber-security, system redundancy and uninterruptible power supplies for control room hardware.

Project Solution

Kigtek recently completed a stability project for Andersen Caledonia as their SCADA Process Control system needed both software and hardware upgrades in order to mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime to their operations.

Unplanned downtime would be incredibly costly to the company who carry out contract sterilisation of medical devices and equipment, and thanks to Kigteks knowledge of their processes and controls and the systems in place, were then able to offer a number of support options.

The project initially focused on installing a new, more robust PLC engineering station, however we also offered advice for other improvement upgrades.

An uninterruptible power supply was installed to mitigate potential downtime or loss of data if there were any power issues with the site and Kigtek also took back ups which would be necessary for any future developments to the system.

Project Outcomes

A site risk audit was also undertaken to identify any risks that could affect site production, specifically identifying antiquated DCS software and hardware, Kigtek then made a series of recommendations to mitigate these risks. In addition, we also now provide Andersen Caledonia with a comprehensive support contract to ensure that if the worst happens, help is at hand.

Further discussions with the customer have highlighted other areas where Kigtek can offer solutions and support, for example, the development of an operator training package suitable to the upgraded system.

We look forward to working with Andersen Caledonia on these projects.

Kigtek are the leading Siemens Solution Partner in Scotland with decades of experience in delivering and supporting complex control systems. The specialist team provide both control system and electrical engineering as well as software and database engineering services.