07 March 2022

Scottish Apprenticeship Week

This week is Scottish Apprenticeship week, where companies are shining a light on the vital role apprenticeships play in supporting people, employers and the economy.

Kigtek have been successfully running our electrical apprenticeship programme for 7 years which has contributed to the growth of our core electrical team. Our apprentices receive a combination of invaluable industrial experience as well as time to complete their college programme. With full support and mentoring  from our electrical team, many of whom have completed the programme previously, our apprentices work on varied and complex industrial projects throughout the UK.

Kigtek apprenticeships typically last 3-4 years and we are glad to say all those that have started their apprentice journey with Kigtek stayed with the company to further develop their career. #ApprenticeshipsWork by giving people the skills employers need now and for the future and this has been proven as Kigtek have moulded an electrical team with the skillset required for this challenging and complex industry.

We chatted to our first apprentice, Jordan, and one of our current apprentices, Rhys, who shared some of their highlights of participating in the apprentice scheme below.