29 October 2020

Kigtek Joins AFRC as Tier 2 Member

After working together on a successful digital twin project, Kigtek are delighted to be joining the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), part of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, as a Tier 2 Member. The recent major project completed in conjunction with the AFRC, Diageo and Siemens delivered an innovative, market leading solution for the drinks industry as well as a high-accuracy process based digital twin – one of the first in the UK.

The continued development of the digital twin project will add enhanced virtual and augmented reality concepts to support industrial adoption. In conjunction, Kigtek’s industrial experience brings opportunities for Scottish Manufacturing to benefit from NMIS resources and their ability to develop innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

“Kigtek is delighted to join the AFRC as Tier 2 Members. We have already completed an exciting project with the AFRC which included the development of a digital twin and innovative real solution of a new cask filling process for the Whisky industry. We look forward to working together with the AFRC on the many high value manufacturing opportunities that Industry 4.0 brings to Scottish engineering.”

Gordon Fleming – Managing Director at Kigtek

“It is fantastic to see Kigtek join us as a new member, helping us enhance our world-class reputation and capabilities in manufacturing research. Through this new membership we plan to continue the collaborative development of our work around digital twins and further showcase this to industry.”

Danny McMahon – Metrology and Digital Team Lead at the AFRC