29 November 2019

Calibration: The What, The Why & The Where…

Today we’ll be talking about calibration! Calibration services are one of many services that Kigtek provide and this blog will highlight what calibration is, why it is important and how Kigtek can help you with your calibration needs.

What is calibration?

Calibration is the comparison of a known, standard measurement, and the measurement from your instrument. The comparison is used to identify any differences in these measurements which mean an instrument could be giving out inaccurate information. This can then be rectified by re-calibrating the instrument.

Why do we need to calibrate?

The accuracy and results of instruments tend to drift over time meaning that these instruments must be calibrated to ensure accurate readings. Inaccurate readings can affect areas such as reporting, productivity and safety. Therefore, by ensuring instruments are calibrated companies can maximise process efficiency and optimise production which can lead to an increase in financial return. Effectively calibrating equipment means you can feel confident in gaining reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements. There are a variety of instruments that require calibration over time such as flowmeters, storage tanks, storage vats, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and level transmitters.

Where do Kigtek come in?

Kigtek can do onsite calibrations for your site thanks to our portable and accurate calibration rig. This allows calibration at process conditions which reduces downtime and loss of revenue for your site. Kigtek will come to your site, assemble and connect Kigtek’s portable calibration rig and install the unit requiring calibration. We will analyse its current configurations and then zero all meters. The final process involves completing a 6-test point calibration at 3 flow rates which will allow our engineers to adjust your instruments as required to bring into specification.

With years of industry experience Kigtek can provide calibration services to suit your needs whether that be vat calibration, tank calibration or instrumentation calibration. To find out more information on the services and support we provide contact us today!